Give Industrial Style a Go in Your Workspace

In a close past, industrial was not a style – it was a matter of workday life. But somewhere along the way, people start to appreciate the industrial visual appeal that is characterised by utilitarian surfaces, salvaged objects and stripped-back architecture. Today, it is a trend that can be seen everywhere, from multimillion-dollar mansions to small urban apartments.

Industrial-inspired décor has also made its way to office environments, where this simple and functional style translates into less distracting design and more practical storage. Hardworking materials such as metal, wood and concrete, are the secret to the look, and can easily be incorporated in the form of industrial office furniture such as desks and shelving, or in the form of wall and floor coverings and accessories.

Industrial Style

If you want to create a workspace in industrial style, here are some tips to get you inspired.

Style Secret: Functional Industrial Office Furniture

Industrial office furniture is minimal and no-nonsense, with clean, strong lines and without excess. You can opt to combine new pieces with reclaimed ones (search garage sales and flea markets).

Although cushy pieces of furniture can feel a bit out of space, you don’t have to sit on metal chairs. You can choose a solid office chair in a simple design and free of frills. Natural textures and neutral colours are your best option.

Make Tracks

Industrial doesn’t exactly have to mean earthy neutrals and raw materials. It is also possible to combine the airy simplicity of a white space with tactile surfaces and industrial-style metal fixtures. Clean-lined shelves and storage draws attached to the wall with exposed brackets make a good addition here. Complete the look with track lighting, which is a practical choice for an efficient workspace.

Choose Tactile Concrete

Not only an office, but any industrial-inspired scheme benefits from a dose of concrete. You can achieve a similar look with convincing concrete-effect wallpaper. Limit yourself to one statement wall and blend in wooden elements and elegant lighting to avoid things from feeling dull.

Try a Painted Brick

If you are not a fan of the bare brick look, you can consider a white-painted wall as a lighter alternative. To complete the look use graphic prints and choose an antique wooden desk to bring up the industrial appeal.

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