Gas Double Burner Cooktop – The Right Choice For Your Kitchen

Investing in the right cooktop will definitely make a difference in your kitchen. When it comes to the right choice for your kitchen, a gas double burner cooktop is what you need.

Double burner cooktops operate on natural gas or propane, and have certain advantages over electric cooktops in terms of cost of operation and cooking performance. Different additional features add them versatility, easy maintenance and extra safety. Here are few reasons why a gas double burner cooktop is the right choice for your kitchen.

  • Cost: Although buying and installing a gas cooktop may be more expensive than an electric cooktop, but the cost of cooking with gas make them a cheaper investment in the long run.
  • Control: Gas cooktops are famous for their fast response to temperature change controls – which is essential for some dishes. Plus, with a gas cooktop is easier to gauge how much heat a pan or pot is getting because the flame can be seen. The level of control gas cooktops offer make them the preferable of professionals.
  • Other advantages: The surface of gas cooktops tend to stay cooler than the surface of electric cooktops, reducing the risks of getting burned. In addition, they don’t heat up a kitchen as much as electric cooktops and can be used during power outages – a great advantage in certain regions.


Once you’ve determined your price range and identified the important features, you will have to get to know a little about the different models available in order to select the right gas double burner cooktop for your home.

Beware models without flame failure!

Many gas cooktop models comes now with a device responsible to automatically cut out the gas or reignite it if the flame goes out. Although this feature should be a standard equipment, but unfortunately not all models comes with this. This models tend to cost a little less but this shouldn’t lead you to buy one. That is because if the flame goes out, the gas will escape invisible and silently, occupying the room.

Things to look for

  • The burners of the gas cooktop should be spaced out, so you can use another pot at the same time.
  • A wok burner if you are planning to cook stir fries.
  • An oblong-shaped burner if you are planning to use a grill or hotplate for barbecuing.

With the vast of range of gas double burner cooktops available out there, finding the right one for your needs shouldn’t be difficult. Once you determine your preferences you will be able to buy your cooktop in online and offline retailers.

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