French Wine Facts

Oenophiles attention! Where do some of the best wines you ever tried come from? I thought so too – France! Sharing the first place with Italy, France is one of the largest producers of wine in the world. Good French wine has a style that reflects the stylish french woman: elegant, well dressed, with appreciation for good things in life, and all that wrapped in moderation. And the palette of good French wine expands every year, as the least expensive wines get more in quality, there is a whole new range of wines for wine lovers to try and enjoy in. Here are a few facts about French wine that you should know:


  1. France has a wine labeling system that doesn’t guarantee quality, but region.

    French labeling system of wine, comes down to the places where wines come from, and these places are called appellations. An appellation, or appellation contrôlée, doesn’t mean guarantee of quality, but a guarantee of origin, and that the wine has passed certain wine tests about grape varieties, soil, wine making and similar.2

  2. The most famous appellations in France. And the world.

    Among the most popular and good french wine in France and the world, are the ones that come from appellations we’ve all heard of:

  • Bordeaux – this region (or appellation, as you’ll find it labeled) is the biggest one in France, and thus offers some of the best French wine varieties. Mostly known for the production of red wines, Bordeaux also produces white wines. Appellations with the name Cotes added are the ones to definitely try. An example of a good French wine from the Bordeaux region is the red wine. Red wine from Bordeaux is generally fruity, never too alcoholic, and a layer of tannins that make it the perfect food wine. The grapes planted and grown here are mainly Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and for the production of whites, here you have Sauvignon Blanc and Semmilon.
  • Burgundy – Burgundy is 1/5 of Bordeaux in size, and produces some of the most expensive wines, gives less bargains and commonly known, more dissapointments. When you see Burgundy on the label be very careful; if you are trying to pick the most seductive wine without having the necessary knowledge, you may end up with something that’s miles away from your preffered taste.3
  • Rhone Valley – this is the land of red wines exclusively. If you are into for a good French wine that is rich and generous, look for something that is labeled as Cotes the Rhones. Just like the wines from the Bordeaux region, these wines with Cotes in the label are among the best you should try.
  • Alsace – this region produces good French wine that is actually made of a mix from both German and French grapes. These wines have fruitiness and richness, and are definitely not light.
  • The Loire – this 6 mile region is where you can find every style of wine; from red to white of all grape varieties. The best are the Sauvignon Blancs of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume.

In conclusion, France offers a really wide palette of wines to choose from. Just know this basic rule of appellations in their labeling system, and read reviews and reliable guides on French wines; you won’t make any mistakes when choosing a good French wine.

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