Free Dating Apps That Will Help Your Love Life

You’ve probably been on a blind date before, or at least you’ve been curious about it.  Some people like the old-fashioned get-to-know the person in a regular way, and others prefer online dating. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s an individual and personal choice. But, if you have problems finding a partner (you’ve been busy working, you have confidence issues, or both), perhaps you should try out some of the free dating apps. Who knows, maybe the love of your life is also devastated and is somewhere out there waiting for you.

Why do people have problems finding a date? It’s a really complex topic that concerns a big part of the youth. There are examples of couples that started dating at a really young age and stay together for the rest of their lives. Other people would rather fool around until they feel “ready to settle”. And believe it or not, there are people that have never been on a date. There are millions of examples of people who have trouble finding the right partner. Whatever your case may be, and whether you want to fool around or find a partner for a serious relationship, we suggest that you try out some of the free dating applications that turned out to be really successful. You use your smartphones day and night, so why don’t you try one of these apps and see how it goes? There are a bunch of people who tried a dating app out of curiosity and didn’t expect much, and they ended up married with a person who used the same app (or at least had an adventure). You won’t know unless you try it for yourself. We know you may be sceptic about it, so here’s the thing: don’t expect much, just make a profile and see what happens. Don’t be afraid to go out, and carefully check out the person you’re going out with. Of course, you may end up disappointed,  whether it’s their profile picture (most people put pictures that aren’t real, so people get easily fooled), their character (they seemed normal at the beginning, but they turned out to be complete weirdos), and so on. We don’t say that everything is perfect, but we encourage you not to give up. There are people that are in the same situation as you. Check out our list of top rated free dating apps suggestions and decide which one is for you;

  • Tinder (It’s great for all date seekers and THE app whether you’re looking for a night fling, a true love, or just a friend. It’s safe too.)
  • Bumble (For all the girls that want to make the first move. This app is interesting for all adventurous types.)
  • Coffee meets Bagel (A great app inspired by the heavenly match: coffee and bagels. Great for all gastronomy fans.)
  • How About We (Instead of just swiping left or right, you can actually propose your own date scenario and be creative. The person who finds your idea irresistible will accept to go out with you on an actual date.)
  • Happn (Once you like a person and that person likes you back, a chat will open for you. There’s an option to send songs to your potential partner.)
  • Tastebuds (The users of this app are matched according to their location and similar taste in music.)
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