Flag Banners for Promotion & Increased Visibility of Your Business

Outdoor advertising is a significantly effective strategy that results in more customers for your business. Marketing flags are a simple set-and-forget tool that will get the job done for a longer period of time. But, if you rely on the wrong type of outdoor materials, you risk wasting precious time and money without getting the wanted results.

promotional flags

Types of Outdoor Promotional Flag Banners

  • Teardrop Flags – this type of promotional flag banner is mostly recommended for grand openings, sales events, or even for promotional booths.
  • Rectangle Flags – these are bigger, thus the ideal option for when you need more room in order to get your message across. Their size makes them highly noticeable.
  • Blade Flags – these are quite similar to the teardrop flags, just in a slightly different form.
  • Air Dancers – a large, whimsical solution that will surely get the attention of passers-by.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Promotional Flag Banner

Easy to Assemble

The flagpole kits these marketing tools come with are quite easy to assemble. You won’t even need any special tools to do it. Simply attach the poles together, then slide the print down over the assembled pole, and finally, stick the completed marketing flag into its base. The same simplicity applies for teardown too. What this essentially means is that your new marketing tool can be set up, take down, moved and removed with minimum fuss and time. The extra time you gain can be more efficiently spend with clients.

Light and Portable

Besides its simple setup, you will find that your promotional flag banner is also very light and easily portable. You can change its location within a couple of seconds, and ensure that it is placed in the most favourable space. For even more convenience, some models even come with handy carrying bags which allow you to transport and set up anywhere you find fit – on the beach, on the plaza or in the park.

promotional flags and banners


Many describe promotional flag banners as sail flags because they can stand tall in both fair and moderate weather – be it windy, snowy or rainy. They are built to withstand different types of weather conditions and some are built in a way they can rotate with the wind which helps them stay stable regardless of the weather.


When compared to other forms of advertising, including a promotional banner flag is one of the most cost-effective strategies out there. Considering how much they can improve your visibility and accessibility, they are relatively cheap.

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