First World Camping: I Want it All and I Want it Now

We are so used to the comfort of our own homes. We have everything that we want at home. When we go out in nature we want it to be the same. You’ll probably have the bare essentials, but nothing more passed that. That could be a problem when you get used to the luxurious life we have at home. Because of that, I have decided to give you a few tips on what kind things to take with you in your motorhome for your camping trip. This way you will be able to both see and appreciate the beauty of nature while enjoying the first world lives we lead at home.


TV for Motorhome

Yes, a TV. This is one of the things that we spend most of our time in front of. So, having it while in nature can be great. When you have spent the whole day outside and it’s time to go inside of your motorhome, you will probably have no ideas for what to do next. This is where a TV for motorhome comes in quite helpful. Plus, you won’t be able to miss an episode of your favourite show.


You can’t spend your whole time inside, and no one wants to sit on the ground when you are outside. Having a few chairs to gather all of the people around the fire is great. You will have all the comfort in the world, but you will still get to spend time outside. I would recommend foldable chairs, for easier storage. Plus, they are a great addition when you are watching your TV for motorhome.


If you aren’t experienced at camping, you’ll have no idea how to cook a meal without having the same equipment as you have at home. So, packing some will be great when you have to cook. But, you shouldn’t overpack. Take what you think will be necessary for preparing the perfect home cooked meal.


Flashlights are a great way to illuminate the area around you when night comes. You’ll probably have to go back to the motorhome when you’re finished with the campfire. There is no point in wasting the battery of your phone by using its flash.

First Aid Kit

This one is pretty obvious. You should never be without a first aid kit in nature. Even if no one gets hurt, it is great to have it, just in case.

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