Fenix BC21R – The Right Companion for Night Bicycle Rides

Time. You either have it or you do not. Spending all those days in front of the computer, going home eating dinner, watching some TV and then going to sleep. Repeat. This is the normal schedule for a lot of people today. Yet, doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals tell us that we need to be more physically active. Well, what better way than riding the bicycle around town or the park. However, when working till late hours, you are in disadvantage than many other people who have a slightly better schedule. If you are in this particular situation or love the ride at night then you will need a good bicycle front light. And with every product you shop online, the market is overflown. Yes, there are cheaper ones on AliExpress, but why wait 1 week for delivery and spend your money in vain? For that reason, in this article, we have chosen one of the most reliable, durable and affordable bicycle front light that can be found on the Australian market. Introducing the Fenix BC21R!Bicycle Front Light

Fenix BC21R

This mid-priced bicycle front light is the light that you have been looking for. Why? Well, because it comes with the ability to change the 18650 battery on the go and also offers and extended runtime for those long and adventurous rides. This well-crafted bike light will take you place where no other could.

The body is made from durable aluminium that can take powerful jets of water without damaging any of its parts. It has optimised dual distance beam system that allows enough light that your front space is sufficiently illuminated. It comes with four constant brightness outputs that can be changed at any time and also it comes with a flashing mode that can be easily switched between high and low brightness. The interface is easy to use because it offers access at any given moment, where the red lights on the side act as power indicators telling you how much battery you have and when to replace them. When the batteries are below 20%, the body switch will flash red continuously so the users in informed the user to lower the brightness or replace the batteries. The mount is well-built and practical that offers an innovative quick-release, easy adjustment of the light and easy attachment and detachment. This light is small and because of that offers to be easily transported, stored and carried around.

The set comes with a Fenix 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery, bike mount, USB charging cable, mounting shim and strap. This bicycle front light offers neutral white light with a power of 880 lumens. The three modes offer: Turbo with 880 lumens and lasts up to 1 hours and 20 mins; High with 380 lumens and works up to 4 hours 30 mins; Medium with 200 lumens and 8 hours and 30 min; Low 100 lumens that can work without the need of charging up to 15 hours and 50 minutes.
Investing in this light is a great decision. It comes with a medium ranged price which means it is durable, functional and affordable.


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