Everything You Need to Know about Cowboy Hats

Whether you are into western fashion trends, or you simply live the western lifestyle, you still can’t spend the day without a cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is the defining item amongst all western wear. It used to be valued for its functionality only, but today, while remaining equally functional and important, it is also valued as a piece of fashion accessory that makes you look good. Read on to find out more details about what to look for when buying and what to be careful about when wearing it.

When you are out looking through cowboy hats for sale be careful to look for good-quality hats. The main thing that you should be aware of is that cowboy hats for sale made of high-quality felt will serve you anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime. Due to the durability of beaver fur, it is indeed a lifelong investment. Contrary to this, straw made hats won’t last nearly as long and will start showing signs of degradation much earlier that felt hats. It is normal for the hat to start losing fur, or fade because of elements like dirt, rain, sweat and excessive sunlight. Additionally, even top quality hats won’t look good on you if you don’t opt for one that fits perfectly. Look carefully for a size chart, measure your head with attention and you are good to go.

After you find the type and size that meet your measurements and preferences, the next thing you need to think about is how to wear it properly. First of all, you should never ever wear your cowboy hat backwards. In order to make sure which side is front and which is back look for a small bow on the inside of the hat – that is the back. And if the hat you opt for comes with accessories like feathers or bows or whatever, make sure that they are always on the left side when the hat is worn.

Originally felt made hats were intended for winter time and straw hats for summer. But, lately, this rule doesn’t really apply. The fact stands that felt hats are more formal, and whenever you are in doubt the safer choice is certainly the felt hat. And, lastly, a vital etiquette guideline. Remember, each time you enter a building or any closed premisses the cowboy hat should be removed. In cases when the occasion is informal you can pull it back, but for more formal occasions or in cases when you are not certain what to do – simply take it off.

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