Ergonomic Solutions That Promote Better Posture and Productivity

Having a modern office job that requires you to sit for long periods of time in front of a computer can have many negative effects on your overall health and wellbeing, Back pain is a common problem among many office workers. Bad posture and the sedentary nature of the job are the main things that cause aches not just in the back, but other parts of the body as well including the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. In fact coming home with a stiff neck and painful back can become a reoccurring thing overtime and develop into chronic neck and back pain that is not only difficult to treat, but can also affect every aspect of your daily life.

Desktop Monitor Mount Arm

Reduced range of motion, tensed muscles and aching limbs are just some of the symptoms of chronic back and neck pain. Don’t let back pain reduce the quality of your life. There are many ways you can alleviate back pain and make time spent at the office more comfortable and productive. Investing in ergonomic solutions such as height adjustable desk, office chair and desktop monitor mount arm is the first step to creating a more comfortable and productive office space. Neck pain can often lead to a headache which can also be caused by a monitor placed in an inadequate position that makes you strain your eyes more than usual while working. A great solution in this case would be to get a desktop monitor mount arm that allows you to adjust the position of your computer screen to suit your specific needs. To prevent neck pain and avoid straining your eyes while working, consider placing your monitor at eye level.

While finding the right position for your monitor that best suits your needs is one of the best ways to avoid neck pain, there are several things you can do to minimise back aches at the office. Sitting for long hours on end in the same position can be detrimental for your spine. That’s why, it’s important to take a break for at least a few minutes to move around and stretch your back and limbs. You can also get an ergonomic office chair designed to provide comfort and efficiency. Many ergonomic chairs come with adjustable back and arm rests, which means you can adjust your chair in a position that provides you with the most comfort whilst working. What’s more, they promote better posture and can alleviate back pain and neck stiffness.

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