Energy And Financial Benefits Of Rotary Vane Air Compressor

Nowadays, the use of compressed air is widespread in many industries because of its reliability, safety and energy efficiency. It is well-known that compressors can withstand the rough and hard applications and environments without compromising its performance. However, not all compressors can provide the same benefits.


When it comes to choosing, there are numerous different compressors available on the market, but the rotary vane ones are among the most popular varieties. Here is an YouTube video about how a rotary vane compressor works.

Rotary vane compressor is a specific blend of technological innovation and high versatility. Rotary vane compressors are specially designed to increase the productivity of any system, while keeping the overall costs to a minimum. But, what makes them so special? What are the benefits of a rotary vane compressor? Let’s have a look.

  • The design of a rotary vane compressor is simple and yet inventive. It features an off-set rotor that spins at 1 800rpm (revolutions per minute) or less, leading to high-wear resistance and highly efficient operation.
  • Rotary vane compressors are considerably quiet. They can provide more than 100 000 hours of quiet consistent work, which is a lot more (approximately twice) than the service life of rotary screw compressors.
  • Rotary vane compressors produce more air per revolution. The large compression chamber gives more space and more volume of air to compress per revolution.
  • When compared to rotary screw compressors, rotary vane ones are more more efficient and even more durable, which makes it the number one choice. Rotary vane compressors achieve up to 90% efficiency because of the better internal sealing. When it comes to durability, they are more durable due to low operating speeds.
  • Regarding the application, rotary vane compressors are better suited for a vast of industrial applications. They can provide compressed air for applications including:
  1. – Powering pneumatic tools for cutting, welding and spray painting.
  2. – Quick tire inflation
  3. – Farm equipment operation – dairy machines, tractors and material conveyors.
  4. – Supplying medical gases and sterilization of all clinical instruments.
  5. – Dry cleaning of clothing
  6. – Material handling
  7. – Drying of chemical products
  • Rotary vane compressors are ideal for applying in agriculture, automotive, woodworking, medical and dental, manufacturing, power generation, food and beverage and more.

Just like any other type of rotating compressor, rotary vane compressor when compared to reciprocating machines have advantages of a total mass balance, leading to an oscillation free machine of high possible speed. And, when compared with other types of rotary compressors, the simple configurations of the rotary vane compressor elements are beneficial and efficient for a machine of low production costs.


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