Developmental Benefits of Using a Baby Play Mat

Time to work out- get your little one a baby play mat to keep him/her healthy and active. Most parents are not even aware that this simple toy can play an important role in their baby’s mind and body development. This educational toy is perfect for babies of any age. A baby play mat will not only keep you little one busy while you work, but also encourage baby’s development. Baby play mats are great for tummy time as well. Help your baby build head, neck and upper body strength. These play mats come with various lights, music and lots of activities that stimulate baby’s spacial awareness and body development. Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits this educational toy provides.

Baby Play Mat

Cognitive Benefits – Babies that are only few weeks old are not aware of the things that surround them. During that time they will do ‘primary circular reactions’. That’s when they accidentally hit a toy. Babies that are old 4 months or so begin to develop a greater awareness and start to repeat actions just because they find it fun. That’s when you need a baby play mat. The will start to pull and kick the toys that hang above the play mat. They will start to understand the basics of cause and effect.

Benefits In Grasping And Reaching Skills – Babies are able to curl their tiny fingers around parent’s fingers from the moment they are born. But, that is only a reflex. Babies don’t have control over it. They can grasp anything that touches their palm. If you frequently put your little one in a baby play mat, he/she will learn to grasp the toys that ring. Play mats help babies improve their reflexive skills and learn how to control their arm movements.

Benefits In Visual Perception – Newborn babies can only perceive objects that are 30 centimeters from their face. With one word, they are near sighted. They are only able to see toys that have high contrast colors like black and white. That’s exactly why babies love these educational play mats. They come with dangling toys that have bright contrasting colors. Their purpose is not only to entertain babies, but to improve their visual perceptual skills.

Benefits in Sensory Stimulation – Play mats are also useful for stimulating babies’ senses. That’s probably the most important benefit of this educational toy. Play mats produce different sounds, colors and textures that provide oral and sensory stimulation. When babies start to teeth, they put these toys in their mouth and explore. The dangling toys that come with the baby play mat, help babies develop their visual awareness skills.

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