Decorative Flower Pots And Planters

Decorating your indoor and outdoor has never been easier than it is today. Available in different sizes, shapes and colours, today you can enjoy in the vast of beautifully designed modern pots and planters with which you can decorate your garden or windowsill.

Depending on your need and taste, there are numerous designs and sizes of modern pots and planters that can be accommodated in your home or garden. You can choose between small and large ones, vibrant or neutral colours, round or square pots and so on. The list is endless. To help you little with your choice, we did a small research and prepared for you a list of some cute, appealing and gorgeous decorative ideas with pots and planters.

Shell Covered Pots


The easiest and most convenient way to decorate your indoor and outdoor is with shell-covered pots. Buy clay pots, decorate it with shells, plant your favourite flower or plant and update your pot collection.

Aged Pots


Are you a vintage person? If so, add another vintage element into your garden with aged looking pots. You can buy aged pots from any store or DIY with the help of milk, yogurt or paint.

Herb Pots


Make your garden more alive by personalizing each pot with its own name. Create your own charming little garden and give each herb its name, so you will never snip the wrong herb. Additionally, these pots are lightweight, so you can easily move from one place to another. Use a permanent marker, so you can use the same pot for next year.

Painted Flowerpots


Another way to create modern pots and planters is to add a pop of colour. Oil-based enamel paints are the perfect choice for painting pots. Depending on the hue, use one or two coats. For a more cheerful environment, choose vibrant colours.

Chalkboard Pots


Colour your kitchen windowsill in chalkboard pots. This a fun and creative way to decorate your kitchen, not mix the herbs and to have them in hand. Organize your plants, and identify the kitchen herbs, by painting the collars of the pots with a chalkboard paint. After the paint dries, write the name of the plant using chalk. If necessary wipe cleans with a damp cloth.

These are just some of the many ideas through which you can implement modern pots and planters and brighten up your garden or home. Whether idea you choose, make sure the pot is spacious, so the plant can easily breathe, feed and grow.

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