Cricket Equipment Buying Guide

One of the oldest sports if not the oldest modern-day sport nowadays is cricket. First practised in England this batting sport has been around for hundreds of years. Cricket like every other sport makes for a healthier lifestyle since it brings so many good things for your body. For starters, whether you’re batting or just a wicket-keeper your stamina and endurance are put to the test. This is why both increase the more you practise cricket.

Your balance is also improved as well as your flexibility. If you want to do some cardio but want it to be more fun why not try to practise cricket as it improves your cardiovascular health. This sporting activity is also known to improve your motor skills as well as tone your muscles together with improving coordination and social skills. Since this is a team sport you will learn how to collaborate with others towards one mutual goal. Cricket really is enjoyable and beneficial but that wouldn’t be the case if you don’t have the right gear with you.



One of the most important things you’ll want to look for when trying to find the right type of cricket helmet is its fit. A good fitting helmet is not only going to make things comfortable but it will protect you better. With this type of cricket equipment safety is everything. A cricket helmet with good protection will have proper padding and preferably a chin strap so it stays in place. All this makes for a comfortable helmet which you need to measure beforehand.

Measurements need to be taken around the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows, and slightly above the ears to the back of your head. The weight of a cricket helmet also plays a role in wear comfort and while a heavy helmet has more protection is shouldn’t make your playing experience a bad one.



When it comes to the most synonymous cricket equipment you need to look for two things and those are willow grade and the type of wood they’re made of. Cricket bats come made of two different types of wood Kashmir and English willow. The latter is more expensive but therefore better even when it comes to beginner cricketers. The willow grade of the bat determines its performance with the lower number grade being of better quality. You can find bats with a willow grade starting from 1 to 5.



Like helmets, gloves are also part of the cricket gear that has safety as their number one priority. Protection is key when it comes to gloves too but again it shouldn’t come at the cost of inconvenience, meaning they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to wear. For this purpose, you’ll want to look for gloves that come with reinforced fibre casing on the fingers – since they are the most vulnerable. You should go for gloves with high-density foam in them as well as ones made of shock-absorbing materials.

When it comes to comfort you’ll need to first pay attention to how the gloves fit your hands and then if they have proper ventilation. You see, gloves comfort doesn’t only depend on the softness of the material they’re made of. It also has to do with the level of ventilation they come with. Make sure the gloves you’re getting can work with batting inners. This means they have good ventilation.



When protection is the only reason to use a certain type of cricket gear, one immediately thinks of pads. Pads like gloves and helmets provide a great deal of protection if not more than the other two types of equipment. The same goes for batting pads when trying to find the most suitable ones for you. They need to be comfortable and easy to put on. This is done by getting the right size pads with more than enough padding.



Just like there are cricket gloves there are cricket shoes too. A pair of solid cricket shoes should make it so that you don’t have to worry that much about stability when playing. This is easy to achieve if you go with shoes that have rubber spikes and studs but if you’re a bawler you should go with full metal spike shoes.



To ensure that you bring everything with you be it on your cricket practice or match you need something to carry all the equipment. Yes, there are cricket bags specially made to store all your cricket gear. There are various materials to look out for but if you want the most durable of bags you should go for either those made of nylon or leather.

Nylon is more affordable while leather is more durable its up to you what you want to purchase. Make sure whatever bag you get that you do get one that will fit everything comfortably. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting the biggest bag but it won’t hurt if you do get one that is one the bigger side if all your equipment requires you do so.

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