Creating Outstanding Outdoor Area


Creating a cosy and stylish outdoor lounge area is a great way to get your backyard ready for relaxation and entertainment during the sunny spring and summer months. Special gatherings with your family, fun parties with your friends, getting lost in a thrilling book or just unwinding with a glass of red wine after a busy day at work, a well-designed backyard is indeed the perfect spot to make wonderful memories with your loved ones or just kick back and relax in your own outdoor retreat. Outdoor spaces should not only be functional, but visual appealing as well. Therefore, when you’re designing yours don’t limit your design scheme with just a few outdoor furniture pieces, instead choose elements that will put an accent on both comfort and style. Whether you want to create a modern sitting area or a cosy backyard nook, outdoor seat cushions could be just the thing to make your outdoors all the more appealing and inviting. They not only provide soft padding for comfortable lounging, but are easy to maintain and can instantly enhance the look of your furniture. Let’s take a look at key factors you should bare in mind to ensure your cushions give your outdoors that “wow” effect.

Stylish design and durability go hand in hand

The right outdoor seat cushions should not only have a chic design that will complement your furniture, but also be durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements. In this case it’s essential to choose ones made from fabrics that won’t fade and are highly resistant to moisture and mildew. Natural fabrics like cotton, for instance, are more likely to fade when exposed to sunlight and get damaged easily by moisture and mildew. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are fade-resistant and usually much more durable than natural ones.


Comfy cushions for ultimate relaxation

While the outdoor fabric determines the durability, the comfort of your cushions depends solely on the filling which can also be either synthetic or natural. Foam is the most popular type of filling; it’s firm yet very comfortable, plus it helps the cushions retain their initial shape. As the most popular natural filling, feather makes the cushions a lot more softer and plusher and it usually lasts longer than foam.

Arrange your cushions to create an inviting outdoor oasis

The size of the cushions and how you arrange them can have a great influence on the overall look of your outdoor lounge area. Your outdoor chairs will be much more comfortable to sit on if you place one small cushion on each chair. If you have a hammock or an outdoor bench than arranging a few large cushions will for sure give them a cosier look. Once you’ve created your outdoor oasis with stylish furniture and comfy cushions all left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful weather and the scenic view of your backyard.

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