Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare Information And Instructions

Enhancing the look with new brows or lips is the most commonly used facial procedure among women. Having the perfectly shaped eyebrows, dense lashes and full lips is every woman’s wish and this is the main reason why so many women are choosing this beatifying process.

However, besides the reliability of the chosen cosmetic tattoo Melbourne clinic, you need to follow some instructions if you want the procedure to be 100% successful. This means that you need to follow some pre and post-procedure care instructions.

cosmetic tattoing

General Aftercare Information

After the procedure always wash and dry your hands before touching your face and applying face cream or moisturizer. With all cosmetic tattoo Melbourne eyebrow procedures, the colour will be 20 – 30% darker in the first few days, and because of a slight swelling the shape of your lips and eyeliner may look irregular. Usually, it will take about a week or week and a half for the swelling to have settled and the colour to settle in completely.

Technicians recommend no makeup, cleansers, spas, swimming or any running water on the treated area. To clean your face, use a soft face washer and only dab at the tattooed area – do not rub. To reduce any swelling, apply cold pads.

Eyebrows Aftercare

The eyebrows will heal in about a week or week and a half. Keep the eyebrow area moist several times per day. You can apply a thin layer of a prescribed cream by the tattoo technician. Do not remove or scratch any skin as you may damage the area and cause scarring. Be patient throughout the whole healing process.

Shower with your head away from the water to avoid shampoo, conditioner or water from getting into the pigmented eyebrows. Apply a good amount of Vaseline, Shea Oil or something else on the pigmented area during showers.

Eyeliner Aftercare

Eyeliner tattooed area will usually heal after four days or a week after the procedure. Do not rub our eyes or use any mascara and eye shadows until the healing is complete.

If there is any swelling after the procedure, you can always apply cold pads or an ice/cold tea bags on your eyes. To moist and clean the eye area use only artificial tears product.

Avoid using any soaps or other facial cleansers for the first 3 days, as well as makeup. You must also avoid visiting spas, saunas or taking long hot showers. Shower with your head away from the water to avoid shampoo, conditioner or water from getting into the pigmented area.

Lip liner Aftercare

Right after the procedure your lips may appear much darker and swollen. To ease the swelling, apply an ice bag for the first few hours. After the treatment, your lips will be dry, so you need to keep them moist with Vaseline or Shea butter/oil. Avoid hot and long showers, drinking without a straw, soapy and other chemical cleansers, as well as rubbing your lips.

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