Cooktop Basics: The Only Cooking Tools You Need

Knowing which are the most essential cooking tools that you need on your cooktop is important, because there are a plenty of tools on the market with price tags bigger than some cooktops models. In order to not overpay on cooking tools, you should know which ones you will ever need. Over the years, people have been inventing all kinds of kitchen tools with the purpose of making our cooking easier and more effective. But do not get attracted by the innovative and good-looking cooking tools, because you will probably never going to use some of them. Here are the only cooking tools that you will ever need on your cooktop.

Wooden Spoon


We all know what wooden spoon is, as we use it for preparation of all kinds of foods. This utensil is essential for heavy-duty stirring, as it is made from quality, durable and hard yet lightweight wood: maple, bamboo or beech. The wooden spoon comes with a wide surface area, so it can move around pans or pots more foods at once effortlessly.

Frying Pan


There is no easier and quicker meal than fried foods, so having a frying pan on our cooktops is a blessing. You do not need a plenty of, one quality frying pan can do the job, whether you will be frying eggs, spices or other dinner. Buy a pan that has a non-stick coating and a metal handle, so you can transfer it to the oven if some recipe requires that.

A Set Of Saucepans


Unlike with frying pan, you will need to include a set of saucepans on your cooktops. We use saucepans every day, so it is important to have a set of quality and durable saucepans, made from stainless steel or copper. However, you do not need to buy a lot of saucepans, just a small one, a medium one and one larger for soups, pasts and stews.


Spatula is the tool we use to scrape out the sauces we prepare in saucepans. It is made of heat-resistant rubber, so it cannot damage your pan, like other metal tools can. Spatulas can peel away the edges of omelettes or fried eggs without damaging their shapes that you’ve been trying to keep. These kitchen tools come in many different sizes and shapes, so we can all choose one that fits our cooktops and saucepans best.


These tools are used for lifting and gripping foods in a pan, serving, handling noodles and moving hot foods in the safest manner. Tongs are valuable and are must-have on all cooktops. For increased versatility, buy one that has silicone tips that cannot scratch non-stick pans and can get even slippery foods.

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