How To Clean Your Kitchen Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are the kitchen electric you “must have”.
The kitchen electric devices can save you some extra time for food processing like kneading, mixing and combining.

If you have just bought a stand mixer, congratulations, you have just made a great decision. Investing your money into a new electric device as stand mixer is a great thing and you should never regret about it. But owing an old stand mixer is also not useless. With complete clean up, you can make the old stand mixer become as shiny as new.


Whenever you are buying an electric device, it’s really important reading the instructions. The producer is always giving an important maintaining tips in the instruction book, which can help your electric device last much longer.

In your instruction book, there are certain rules which you must follow for a proper actions, as well as cleaning tips.

Before you start with cleaning up your stand mixer, you should turn off the power source.

Then remove all the movable attachments to the mixer, such as blades, kneading paddles etc.
These attachments can be easily cleaned up or washed up with hot soapy water. Some electric devices producers are suggesting to put them into the dishwasher.

After you do that, remove the mixing bowl and wash it by hand.


Then clean the surface of the mixer using washcloth or soapy sponge, carefully to avoid water gartering into the mixer.

Here are some additional tips, that can also help you for proper cleaning up:

  • Using a toothbrush for all the places that are hard to be reach;
  • Spills and food spots are easier to remove when they are still fresh. So clean up the mess just few minutes after you finished you food preparing process.
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