How To Clean A Kitchen Drain

Dirty kitchen drain will certainly destroy the beautiful, fresh and vivid spirit of your kitchen. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot prevent from happening, because the drain gets dirty and nasty after every manual dishwashing session. Moreover, the notorious drain causes an unpleasant odour that spreads not only in the kitchen, but through the entire house as well.

Final conclusion is that one of the primary tasks from your kitchen’s maintenance is to clean the drain on a regular basis. Here is how you can do it in the simplest, quickest and easiest way:


Clear The ‘Cleaning Area’

Before you get into action, you need to get rid of any food and other debris left in the dirty drain. Maybe it is not the most pleasurable thing to do, but it is quick and easy. The truth is that this is the first must-do step to successfully clean and deodorize the kitchen drain.

Run Hot Water In The Drain

If the drain features a stinky scent unbearable for our sense of smell, it is very likely that the sink is full of bacteria, which actually can be pretty threatening, thus harmful for the health of the entire family. What you need to do is to ‘wash’ the sink with hot water that you can boil in a pan on the stove and pour it in the sink by yourself. When performing this action, be cautious to not burn your hands.

Drop In Baking Soda

Once the drain is hot, it means that it is ready for the next step from the cleaning mission. Throw one tablespoon of baking soda into the sink and make another stream of hot water to run into it for about 15 seconds. This is a great way to successfully kill the bacteria and the stinky odour at the same time.

Sterilize And Deodorize

To complete the entire mission successfully and achieve the desired clean and shiny look of your sink and drain, there is one more thing you can do. Choose between bleach, table vinegar or lemon juice and throw a cup of your selection in the sink. Wait for about 30 minutes before you wash the sink with water again, so that the ‘ingredients’ efficiently do their job in stelirizing the kitchen drain and make it smell good and fresh again.

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