Choose The Best Floor Rug For Your Space

When it comes to choosing the best floor rug for your space, there are many factors that need to be considered such as: will it be for high use?; there will be kids and pets running amok? Whatever your space endures, this guide will help you choose the right floor rug for it.

Floor Rugs

There are three things you need to keep in mind when looking for floor rugs to buy.

1. What you like

A floor rug can make or break a room and instantly alter the way a space feels. So choosing the best type of floor rug involves much more than how it looks or feels underfoot. It is important to consider what type of lifestyle do you live, where will the rug be placed, what is the overall style of the room, how easy is it cleaned and what feels best underfoot.

There is also the cost factor. Keep in mind that spending a little more on a high-quality area rug may be a better investment in the long run than buying a low-quality carpet at a bargain store that will need to be replaced soon.

2. Where it will be

While there are are several rules regarding furniture placement on area rugs, but one should take into consideration how they use the space. The use of the space will determine the purpose of the rug. If you sit on the sofa to watch TV, and no one is ever on the floor, the floor rug would serve the only purpose of defining and visual warming up the space. In this case, flat-weave rugs work well.

Natural-fiber floor rugs have the ability to give rooms a more relaxed, organic feel. They pair great with both casual and modern furnishings and are amazingly soft and textural underfoot.

A small flat-weave floor rug makes a convenient way to add a nonslip surface to an entry. It will serve as both a place to take off your shoes as well as a visual break from a bare floor.

3. How to look after of it

One should know that, medium-to high-pile carpets, usually needs to be cleaned once a year to remove dust. Accumulated dirt and allergens that isn’t easily removed with a vacuum. Low-pile and flat-weave carpets offer fewer hiding spaces for dirty and cleaning spots are easy on them. But still, they need a twice-year old -fashioned rug beating to remove accumulated dust.

Experts usually recommend people to choose flat-weave floor rugs for high-traffic rooms. Those with young children who play on the floor, should opt for a low-carpet with a premium rug pad that creates a soft, cushy place for them to be.

Bedrooms make a nice place to have a high-pile floor rug. However, the rug should surround only the bed and not the whole room.

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