How to Choose a Meditation Bolster

Meditation bolsters are cushions that support your body when performing yoga poses, especially more complex ones. Depending on the pose, it will help you support and stretch your back, abdomen, chest, hamstrings and most parts of your body. A simple example is placing the bolster underneath your back will help you stretch your chest and thighs and extend your spine.

Bolsters come in different shapes, sizes, colour and textures. The aforementioned factors will help you decide on what type of meditation bolster you should choose for yourself.

Meditation Bolster

Size and Shape

Bolsters usually come in two shapes: rectangular and cylindrical. Their sizes can vary. Rectangular bolsters usually come with dimensions of 40cm x 30cm x 6.5cm. They provide support in sitting poses, shoulder stand and Pranayama. Cylindrical bolsters usually come in two sizes 70cm long x 25cm diameter and 50cm long 17cm diameter and they don’t usually weight more than 3kg.

Both types of bolsters can be equally useful in most poses, however the shape will often give you a small edge for certain poses. Consider which poses you practice most and in which poses you need more support.


Yoga bolsters are typically made up from natural fibers (such as pure cotton batting and polyester filling), and are designed to maintain their shape. Make sure it’s not too soft and too hard. It should be dense and firm just enough to provide you with optimum support in many yoga poses. Having a cotton drill cover that is removable and washable can be a big plus in keeping your bolster clean. Another extra that can come along with bolsters are handles. This can be helpful if you move it around frequently.


The cost of meditation bolsters can vary depending on manufacturer. A more known manufacturer usually means a better quality bolster which means more durability. The price is also dependent on whether or not the bolster has handles and removable cover. The general price range of yoga bolsters is $30-$70.


They can come in a large variety of colours such as navy, blue, green, yellow. Although, when practicing yoga, brighter, warm and soothing colours are recommended. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Take your yoga practicing one step further with purchasing a quality yoga bolster. After all, yoga is meant to improve your physical, mental and spiritual strength, so why not make the most use of it by purchasing a bolster that will improve your yoga practicing experience.

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