Chocolate Counter Display Buying Guide

A chocolate counter display is a great investment. Not only does it help to keep your sweets at the perfect serving temperature, it also helps you merchandise your products effectively to increase sales. Commonly seen in cafes, takeaways, bars and canteens, a chocolate counter display needs to be able to reliably hold large quantities of stock with minimal maintenance, whilst also providing easy access for staff or customers.

chocolate counter display

If you are looking to buy a chocolate counter display for your business, this guide will help you narrow down your choices. Note that some of the features we’re discussing here might not come standard with the piece you are ordering.


Chocolate counter displays are often available in both straight glass styles and curved glass models. Curved glass models offer a more sleek, modern profile but you should choose whichever style better fit your needs.


Don’t think of size just in terms of how much floor space the piece will take. Your facility might have room to accommodate a large display, but if the most of the products you want to display have a short shelf life, a smaller model may be a better option. It will help you save space, energy and money. Some manufacturers offer smaller versions will all the features and benefits of their larger displays. These are ideal for convenience stores and other places where space is a concern. Make sure you check the specification sheet of the product to ensure you can meet the clearance requirements for intake and exhaust air. Considering that even smaller versions of a display can be quite large, it may be smart to look at the measurements of the piece carefully to make sure it will fit through your doorway.


Chocolate counter displays that come with tiered shelving help improve the visibility of all products, regardless of what shelf they are on, as they bring the products closer to the front of the display. Two types of shelves are available, wire and glass shelves. Glass shelves are often the preferred choice as they allow light to filter throughout the display and provide more flexible displays option when compared to wire shelving.


Chocolate counter displays come with lighted interiors to help enhance the look of your products. Depending on the model you choose, it can come with specialized fluorescent bulbs that improve some colours and types of products like pastries. In some models, the light is available in the top and in others, it can be mounted on the shelving.

Reflective or Mirrored Glass Rear Doors

This feature helps enhance your customer’s perception of freshness and will help your display look full even as you sell through the stock. Moreover, it will help hide whatever is behind the doors.

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