CAS Calculators Basics

Every math student, at some point during their studies, faces the same need for making a decision whether they should get CAS calculator in order to tackle the enhanced graphing needs. As every other purchase that is connected with long-term usage, this should also be a carefully considered decision.

The first thing that the person needs to know is the basic difference between a non-graphing calculator and a CAS calculator. Every standard calculator is able to manipulate with numbers in the sense of adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing. The CAS calculator can also conduct more complicated actions such as trigonometry functions, logarithms and radicals. A non-graphing calculator, on the other hand, is not capable of performing operations regarding variables.CAS Calculator

Actually, this is just the beginning of the comparison because CAS calculators are capable for much more. They can manipulate with x and y variables since they have the ability to solve equations, calculus functions (derivatives), factor polynomials and expand. As a student, the decision to get CAS calculator can turn into a very useful benefit up your sleeve. To be honest, CAS calculators can be so beneficial that certain professors forbid their presence in the classroom when certain examinations are conducted, such as SAT. However, they are allowed on AP Calculus tests an sometimes on SAT.

If the above mentioned usage depicts what you need and you have decided to get CAS calculator, the first thing you need to do (after getting yourself informed about the details around the proper usage of a CAS calculator) is to find a reliable source of information, like a student that has already been using such calculator and can tell you how they got it and whether they are satisfied with the chosen brand or not. You can also look for reviews online and do your own research.

The most important thing is to avoid being too hasty about it an make a mistake. It is always a good advice to buy from prominent names and brands that bring new things on the market first. – This indicated that they are dedicated to serve their customers and to make sure they meet their needs for advanced technology.

The true need to do a thorough research before making a purchase doesn’t only arise from the notion that you’ll be using this device for quite a long time and for many important matters, but also from its price. These calculators cost more than $100 dollars and therefore you need to make sure that you are getting one from a reliable company.

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