How To Buy Photography Equipment Without Breaking The Bank

Everybody wants to have a professional camera, but let’s face it, photography is an expensive hobby, and if you want to become a serious photography hobbyist, you will have to spend more since there is always something new coming out on the market that will take your photography to another level. As a photography hobbyist, and a guy who wants to help you save some money, I’m going to share with you the best equipment pieces that will help you take professional photos without breaking the bank.

When it comes to choosing the right photography shop Melbourne, always take into account its reputation, credibility, the plethora of products and customer satisfaction. These are the only indicators that will help you make the right choice.


The Camera

These days, one of the biggest debate in this world of photography is whether to invest in a mirror-less or DSLR camera. Both of them have their virtues, but if you are a beginner who can’t spend a lot on camera, then I strongly suggest you to check up the DSLR cameras. Mirror-less cameras are simpler, smaller and lighter, while the DSLRs are larger. But when it comes to the autofocus speed, the preview of images, image stabilization, image quality, battery life, lenses and accessories, as well as durability, DSLR cameras beat mirror-less cameras at everything.

When looking for a reliable DSLR camera, go to the chosen photography shop Melbourne, consult with its team and make sure you choose one with a sensor that has many features (for example, extra dials that will make it easier to change settings) that will make it indispensable.



Camera sensor records the light it receives, while the lens’s job is way to important: to help the light get to the sensor. When talking about lenses, you should know that they range from “free” – those which come with the camera itself, to the extremely expensive ones that you need to buy on your own. This is an extremely important decision and daunting task at the same time, especially if you know nothing about cameras and lenses.

If you want a high-quality one at an affordable price, you need to cheek the prime or simply said those that don’t zoom or third-party lenses. At the end, it is all up to you. Just keep in mind that if you practice a specific type of photography, you will need advanced and superior quality lenses.


Unfortunately, the tripod is the often neglected by buyers but, in fact, it should be valued the same as the camera and lenses. Depending on your type of photography, you will realize whether you need a tripod or not, but if you do, make sure you invest in a high quality and sturdy one if you want to avoid accidents with your camera.



If you are a beginner, you might won’t need an external lighting at the beginning. Depending on your passion, type of photography and how often you use the camera, you will figure out whether you need an external lighting or not.

Camera Bag

Last, but not least, camera bags are essential photography equipment, since without it you will have to carry the camera with your hands. The logic here is the following: there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a camera if you are going to risk it being damaged because not carried in the right camera bag. Camera bags are designed to organize your camera equipment and protect both your equipment and camera.

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