Bohemian Decor Guide – Make Your Home Unique And Stylish


The interior design of your home is more important than you thought. Aside from enhancing the visual appeal of your living space, the home décor has a great impact on your feelings, stress level and the way you’re perceiving life. Studies have shown the strong bond between the way the home is arranged and people’s psychological condition. For this reason, interior designers highly point out the importance of a home décor featuring balance between style, comfort and functionality.

No matter how much time, effort or money you’ve spend on decorating your home interior, after certain time span you’re very likely to start fed up of it. Due to this reason, redesigning or remodeling your home on at least five years is vital for “reviving” your home and spirit.

If you are on the look for a new, stylish and inspirational way of redecorating your home, why not try the Bohemian decor to make your home unique and stylish. There are many things that make this style similar to none. Also, unlike many contemporary home design patterns, there are no principles nor rules, you are free to rely on your imagination solely to transform your home into a unique place to live in. In addition, here are some of the basic recognizable features of the unique Bohemian decor, followed by some tips on how to incorporate them in your home décor.


A Pallet Of Vibrant Colours

One of the most recognizable feature of this style are the bright, vibrant and saturated colours. When it comes to colour, everything revolves around the colours of the nature.

Tip: To add a dramatic visual appeal to your home, start by painting the walls in some unusual, bright colour. For example, be brave and paint the walls in your dinning room or living room with raspberry pink, or make your bedroom your relaxing oasis by painting the walls grass green. Or, if you opt for more calming effect all over your home, go for some of the natural earthy colors such as brick colour, beige, deep green or light brown.

Mix Of Different Patterns

Another characteristic which makes the Bohemian decor original is the variety of authentic, mystic patterns, ranging from floral, ethnic to stripped. What you need to know is that there are no strict rules for incorporating patterns in your home décor. You are free to mix and match different patters and create your own unique expression.

Tip: Add a Boho flair to your rooms by adding patterns in different ways, places and décor elements. From the walls, curtains, furniture, pillows, to bed sheets and upholstery. Use you creation and imagination to make the pattern combinations that express your style and personality.


Combination Of Various Furniture Pieces

When it comes to furniture, consistency is not favoured nor required in the Bohemian decor. In fact, the more versatile the furniture set is, the more intensified the Bohemian feel is. Vintage tables, chairs, shelves and coffee tables are welcomed in every combination and occasion.

Tip: Bring to life the vintage furniture pieces that are probably collecting dust in your basement and put them in use in your home. “Revitalize” them by repairing the damaged parts and repainting them in vibrant reviving colour. Or, if you don’t have such items in your home, visit the nearest antique store in your area to explore and choose some beautiful, authentic pieces that will really make a difference in the appeal and ambiance in your home.

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