Basics of a Dental Implant Procedure

If you are one of those people who fear dental operations, getting yourself informed is the first thing you should do that’ll help your beat that fear! When you lost some teeth either by accident or by some disease dentists usually perform dental implant procedure. In this article, we will go through all the basic things that are performed in a dental implant procedure.


As medicine is progressing with the speed of light, the same can be said about the teeth implants procedure. Dental implants, in reality, replicate the nature structure of the teeth and they are made from two parts: porcelain crown aka the tooth and the titanium implant or how dentists call it the root.

The implant is a part that interfaces the bone of the jaw or skull and creates a crown, bridge, denture to act as a connector. The dental implant procedure starts with placing the fixture so the osseointegrate can happen which means bind the implant with the tissue of the bone. After a while, when all the tissues are healed, the dental tooth/bridge/denture is attached and placed inside the holding spots.

There are countless of advantages of these dental implants offering comfort longevity, aesthetic and comfort in your mouth. Once the procedure is completed implants have a high probability to last till the rest of your lives. There are a couple of disadvantages, however, compared to the advantages they are relative.

The implants are usually built from titanium. These are also called metallic anchors and act as a substitute to the natural root. The implants are inserted by a surgical operation inside the jawbone; where firstly the integration happens, and later a small posts named abutments are connected to the implants, which in the will be the main support of the implant aka crown. With these implants, you can either replace a tooth or a lot of missing teeth. They will preserve your beautiful smile, a facial structure which will help the bone not destroy itself and increase the longevity of your other teeth.

After seeing how this operation is simple and painless, you can be assured that going through you will receive everything you wanted – beautiful smile, healthy teeth and bones. There are countless options for you to choose from, however, there is always the internet, where you can contacts dentists and even chat with them online. After you have contacted them you will receive a date and finally do the operation. With that finish, I wish you good luck and many healthy teeth in your mouth!

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