What are Baby Swaddles and the Benefits of Swaddling

New parents have many things to learn once their little one is born and the technique of swaddling is one of the many things young moms should know how to do. It includes wrapping the newborn in a soft blanket that will keep him/her cosy and warm during the first few days of life. No worries is not as hard as it might seem and these days there is even a special baby swaddle that makes it easier to wrap your little one snugly. Baby saddles are a popular choice among new mothers due to the many benefits they provide for newborns.

With it practical design and exceptional softness, the baby swaddle is designed to keep your baby in a natural sleeping position allowing for enhanced comfort and safety. Babies like to move their arms and legs at all times, even when they are sleeping. Worrying that their baby might get hurt, many parents try to restrict these movements. But to ensure the comfort of the baby a better thing would be to find a way to keep these movements under control. With its unique shape, the baby swaddle provides enough space for your baby to move the arms freely, which can be very helpful when it comes to self-soothing.

Babies that can calm down on their own when crying or irritated basically learn how to regulate their mood and can enjoy in a more pleasant sleep than babies who have to be soothed by their parents. It important to mention that many parents avoid swaddling simply because they don’t know how to do it or they’ve heard it’s not good for the baby. Well, when done properly it is actually very beneficial and with baby swaddles parents no longer have to worry whether they have wrapped their little one properly or not. And all this thanks to the shape of these soft blankets which make swaddling an easy task.

One of the biggest benefit of swaddling is better sleep. It creates the perfect environment for your baby to fall asleep and the enhanced comfort considerably reduces the chances of disturbed and restless sleep. One thing that you need to remember is to always put your child to sleep on the back when swaddled, since when infants sleep on their stomach they can easily get suffocated. The soothing felling of being swaddled, will not only help your baby sleep better, but can have wonderful calming effects as well. Swaddled infants are less likely to get irritated and often cry less.

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