Anchor Tattoos: Meaning, Inspiration, and Designs

Anchor tattoos may have caught the attention of many lately, but they have been around for years, which is why anchor tattoo history is so rich. In the days when long distances could be travelled only through the oceans, sailors used to get anchor tattoos. As an anchor keeps a ship grounded, they believed that the tattoo would keep their souls united with their bodies during bad times in the seas. Hence, for them, the anchor tattoo designs were a source of strength and assurance. Moreover, as most sailors got these tattoos, they enjoyed a sense of camaraderie whenever they met one another. With time, the anchor tattoo began to be associated with bravery and heroism, as the sailors were naturally brave and always had numerous heroic deeds to recite.

anchor tattoos

Today, people working in the Navy can be seen with anchor tattoos. Apart from them, people, who want to stay focused in life or career wise, also go for anchor tattoos. Yet, there are several others, who are not bothered about anchor tattoo meaning and get them just because they are fascinated by the design of the anchor.

Variations in anchor tattoo designs

anchor tattoos

The design of an anchor is inspiring and allows a number of variations. The earliest variation was the incorporation of the Cross in the anchor tattoo designs. During the centuries when Christians were randomly persecuted, many of the believers got themselves anchor tattoos in order to escape persecution. The top of the anchor forms a plus sign (+) which was tattooed to make it look somewhat like the Cross. It is how one Christian could recognize the other without resorting to any verbal communication.

Today, you could create a host of anchor tattoo designs all by yourself. Make a picture of an anchor on a paper and let your imagination take over. You could add elements like flowers, butterflies, leaves or you could create a scene – an underwater scene with the anchor firmly embedded into the seabed. Let it be surrounded by sea life and mild waves. Take your design to your tattooist; he would be able to help you achieve perfection in your design. Do not hesitate to go for 3-D anchor tattoos. They are cool, rocking, and simply mind-blowing.

What type of anchor tattoo is best for you?

anchor tattoos

Even when you have found a deep motivation to get inked, the important question still remains to be answered – from so many anchor tattoo designs, which type should you have? Know that you could have any type that you like. You need not have a ‘reason’ or ‘logic’ behind it. If you are still confused then you should analyze the motivation – what has inspired you to get an anchor tattoo? Does your friend have it that is why you want to have it too? If so, then you could have one that looks closely like his/hers. Change the colors or have it tattooed at a different location. It would give the tattoo a unique look, but your friend and you will know how similar they are.

In case, you wish to have an anchor tattoo because of its rich historical symbolism that connected it with bravery and strength then you could go for a variety of anchor tattoos. For instance, combining the anchor with objects especially used by sailors such as logbooks, diaries, the compass would give an ancient look to your tattoo. It would also show that you are aware of the historical importance of the anchor tattoo.

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