The Advantages of Stone Cladding

Cladding is adding another protective layer onto the framework of your house, it can be applied on both, the exterior and interior of the household. Wall cladding is done by attaching small panels to the walls of your building, these panels can be made from a variety of materials both real and artificially made. When it comes to wall cladding Australia has some strict rules as what materials can be used, thus all cladding materials must be fire-proof.

Cladding can be made from materials such as wood, metal, brick, stone, polystyrene and a lot more. The materials the cladding is made from can ether be real or artificially made, and this will impact the price, durability and aesthetic of your walls.

Benefits of Using Wall Cladding

Apart from making your walls looks stunning and creating ‘one of a kind’ room focal points, there are a few benefits that come from using wall cladding. Those include:

  • Heat Isolation – One of the benefits of using wall cladding is it’s ability to isolate and capture heat. This means that this second layer will not allow any heat to exit, not enter the room. This can prove very useful for both summer and winter, as it can preserve warms and cool temperatures, thus smaller electricity consumption.
  • Water Resistant – Wall cladding is water resistant so it can be mounted in your bathrooms to line your shower walls, or outside the exterior of your house. This also makes it very easy to maintain as you can simply spray it with your hose to clean off any dirt or stains.
    UV-resistant – Cladding reflects UV light, this means that no matter how long it is exposed to the rays of the sun, its colour will remain.
  • Sound Muffler – Because of its density, cladding walls muffle the sound of the outside world coming inside. And likewise the inside sounds escaping into the outside world, which helps protect your privacy.
  • Artificially Green – Artificially made wall cladding is actually environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the need of quarries and digging for resources. With just a couple of rocks, an endless amount of moulds can be created, which in turn are used to model the artificially made claddings.

One thing to avoid when buying wall cladding Australia warns is aluminium panels. If enough heat is applied to the aluminium plates, they will start to bend and lose their form. This will cause the inner insulation core to melt and ignite, which in term can lead to big, fast spreading fires.

Overall, wall cladding is a good way to protect, isolate and decorate your house-frame, with easy to apply install panels made from fire-proof materials.

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