Adorable Nursery Lights for Careless Nights

No matter if you’re a first time or a second-time parent, you must know that planning a nursery is everything but easy. You may have the most comfortable crib and bedding, you may have planned out the storage, you may have the most convenient changing table, you may have stacked up on the cutest plushies in the world and yet…you’d still strive to make things better.

The number one thing that’s easy to forget when designing a nursery is getting proper night lights. Many parents often underestimate the importance of nursery nightlights and the huge difference they can make. They are highly practical lightning solutions for grown-ups, safe for babies’ eyes and can certainly beautify almost any nursery. Read on to find out why you should definitely get a night lamp or two for your little one.nursery room lights

Why are Nightlights Important in a Nursery?

Nightlights play a huge role in your child’s health and wellbeing. Age-appropriate lightning will spark your baby’s interest to see, learn and experience the world. It will also aid your baby’s vision by adding depth to objects. Nursery nightlights are proven to reduce hyperactivity and they improve sleeping quality by aiding melanin production. Moreover, as you already know, the dark can be truly scary for babies and the calming effect of a nursery night light will soothe your little one.

Baby nightlights are very convenient for the parents as well since newborn babies require your undivided attention 24/7. Having a pleasant nursery night light would come in handy every time you get up to feed, change or comfort your baby. Unlike regular room light, nursery lamps provide warm, comforting light that won’t disrupt your infant’s sleep and will also protect your pinky toes from the ‘dangers of the night’.

How Do You Light a Nursery?

The best way to light a nursery is to use multiple layers of light. It is best to avoid a single source of high luminance in the viewing direction of your little one because it’s not comfortable and can cause distress. Instead, opt for several nursery nightlights and place them strategically. Place one near the crib for some peaceful z’s, another one beside the rocking chair for soothing sways at night, and make sure you also get a nursery lamp for the changing table so you can easily tackle those late-night bathroom adventures without completely losing your sleep.zazu nightlights

Another thing you should be aware of when choosing baby nightlights is that blue light can drastically reduce melatonin production. Paediatricians all around the world recommend lowering the blue light exposure to prevent disturbance in the sleeping patterns.

Last, but not least, choose nightlights that come with a dimming feature to ensure you have the appropriate brightness levels at all times.

One of the lights that ticks all of these boxes is Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight. The clever design along with the amazing features makes Moonlight a must-have for every parent. It comes with dual parent and child modes; it’s portable and easy to use.shnuggle moonlight nursery

The parent mode features a room temperature indicator, 3 brightness levels and baby safe low blue light. The child mode has low power LED light with low blue brightness levels that can gradually dim trough the night, simulating a sunset. The Moonlight is also safe to touch because it remains cool and the handy strap makes it easy for little hands to carry.

Get Creative with Some Adorable Nursing Lights

Nursing nightlights not only provide a baby-safe glow, but they also have the cutest designs that will make any nursery adorable.

A Fluffy Cloud for Careless Z’s

Just have a look at the Skip Hop Dream & Shine Sleep Trainer. Like this fluffy cloud wasn’t cute enough by itself, they added a cheerful sun that curiously peeks from behind. Talk about cuteness overload. You and your child will both love this versatile nursery light that has 4 different modes.Sleep_Trainer_Nightlight_Cloud

The sleep trainer mode uses red light to indicate that it’s time for bed, yellow signals that it’s almost time to get up and the green means that it’s okay to get up. The soother mode plays two calming sounds and a wonderful lullaby. The nightlight mode will comfort your little one with a warm glow and customizable brightness levels and the alarm mode will make waking up an endearing experience thanks to the sweet song and lights.

A Sleepy Owl for Wise Dreams

Lou the Owl is another nightlight that’s super sweet and highly-functional. It comes in grey, pink and blue and it’s powered by mains electricity or batteries. Lou consists of two separate lights which you can combine together for a brighter light or you can use them separately for a softer glow. Another great thing about Lou is that it has a sound activation feature and it will switch on the same moment your child wakes or makes a sound. The adjustable brightness of the owl and the ring light will allow you to easily check on your baby without disturbing its sleep.Lou the Owl nightlight

A Chubby Panda for Cosy Snuggles

Pip the Panda is the ultimate snuggle buddy and the perfect sleep companion for your baby. This lovely and cuddly sleep aid provides soft lights, soothing sounds and gentle lullabies to help your baby settle to sleep.

Pip is not just an ordinary panda. If your baby becomes upset in the middle of the night, Pip will immediately come to the rescue thanks to its CrySensor technology. It can play 6 different natural soothing sounds for 20 minutes and the volume is adjustable to suit your baby needs.


Pip the Panda also has dimmable heart-shaped lights on its soft tummy. These little hearts can shine up to 30 minutes and they have 4 brightness levels. This snuggle buddy uses a USB rechargeable power pack so you won’t need to replace dead batteries in the middle of the night.

Buyers Beware!

Before choosing a night lamp, sleeping trainer or comforter, make sure that it’s age appropriate and made using child-friendly materials.

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