Accessorising Your VW: Essential Parts Explained

Volkswagen makes multiple types of vehicles from pickup trucks and caravans to cabriolets, SUV’s and off-road vehicles and no matter what type of vehicle you have from VW it is important that you accessorise it. But before you give it a more personal look or make it ready to go past any obstacles and through every terrain possible its important that you have a bunch of essential accessories on board.

volkswagen accessories

Nudge Bar

Front-end protection is paramount for every vehicle but if you don’t want to put a lot of weight a nudge bar is the perfect solution. This is the smallest and the lightest form of bullbar but unlike most VW accessories although being small a nudge bar offers very solid performance. This type of protection can keep shrubs from scratching the front of your vehicle and lessen the impact of wild animals or when you are in an accident. In order to get the best from both worlds go for an aluminium bar as it gives you a level of protection close to steel but without the added weight.

With a nudge bar you also have the ability for multiple mounting points, be it for UHF antennas, sand flags, a winch mounting point and also the option for recovery points too. A nudge bar can also give you an improvement in the approach angle which is basically a better way of turning – it keeps the vehicle from touching the ground and in case you do, the damage is only going to be on the bar. Even if you don’t have a winch there’s no harm in spending a little bit more on it as long as you have a vehicle capable of pulling another car from a muddy hole.


volkswagen accessories mudflaps

Although the majority of people would consider being mostly an aesthetical solution, mud flaps or as they are also known as mud guards or splash guards, are also used for protective reasons too. Mudflaps are also good at preventing debris from entering the fender wells, as otherwise, the debris can damage the paint which can lead to rust formation and eventually to a replacement or costly repairs.

If you have a VW pickup truck go with rubber mudflaps as they provide more flexibility than plastic ones which are best suited for cars. Both materials are easy to clean and both of them can sustain from cracking when faced with flying debris.

Running Board

volkswagen accessories running boards

If you have an SUV or a VW vehicle which has a high ground clearance running boards are one of those WV accessories that will make hopping on and off the driver seat more convenient. Running boards don’t only provide another step from the ground up, they are also very good at protecting your vehicle’s paint.

You will also keep your clothes clean especially if you are constantly driving through muddy terrain and it can also make your seat last longer. If you have a vehicle with a high ground clearance you are going to be sliding on the side bolsters of your seat when getting out which can over time degrade the foam, stitching and fabric covering. With a running board, you will be able to step out without sliding on the seat as you would usually.

Seat Cover

volkswagen accessories seat cover

Talking about keeping the car seats in good shape, you’ll definitely want to get some seat covers as they will provide added protection and also give some style to the interior. If you go for covers made out of polyester together with foam filling you are going to use them for a very long time.

Car Cover

volkswagen accessories car cover

Seats are not the only thing you’ll want to cover, and although this doesn’t mean that you can stylise your vehicle using a cover you can at least protect it from bad weather conditions and curious animals. A car cover can help protect the paint of the car from sun exposure and also prevent minor scratches and dents.

Windshield Sun Shade

volkswagen accessories windshield

This is another form of protection from the sun’s rays which is put on the inside of the windshield. This cover prevents the discolouration of the car’s interior while also keeping the dashboard from getting damaged. Blocking sunlight from entering the car also prevents it from getting extremely hot.


volkswagen accessories mats

They keep the floor of your vehicle safe from stains and spills and make for a great anti-slip and water-resistant surface. PVC mats are the best option since they are very easy to clean and provide the above-mentioned benefits which makes them especially useful if you drive around with kids or pets at the back.

Phone Holder

volkswagen accessories phone holder

This is quite a common essential accessory as it allows you to take phone calls hands-free and even help you navigate through unknown areas without touching your phone. While this is mostly thanks to the capabilities of today’s smartphones no modern phone can hover in the air, so a holder is quite essential in making your car rides more seamless.

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