A Guide to Different Types of Yarn

Yarns consist out of a large number of fibres that are intertwined. They are widely used in the textile industry for the creation of fabrics but also for knitting, sewing, creating embroideries etc. The fibres from which the yarns are made can be both natural and synthetic. You can find yarns in as many colours as you can imagine and with different textures. They are soft to touch and make for clothes that are durable and pleasant to wear.

Fyberspates 100% Merino YarnFyberspates 100% Merino Yarn

Fyberspates australia yarns are those with vibrant colours that have a specific texture. Fyberspates are great for knitting and creating sweaters as well as different kinds of accessories. They are the go-to yarns for when you need to create something unique. Also, you can pick up the knitting needles for a mood booster whenever you’re feeling down.

 Fybersates australia yarns are hand dyed and the range of colours available is insanely big. You can pick bright colours, from yellow to red and green or go for something a bit more dramatic like royal blue, dark grey and black.

Now, if quality is another thing you’re after despite the amazing colours and texture, then you should go for the fyberspates australia 100% merino yarns. Merino yarns are considered to be the best ones in existence (and the most pricey). They are made from carefully selected and processed merino wool. Merino wool comes from merino sheep which are being shed once a year. Merino sheep come from Spain and centuries ago Spain was the only place where this breed existed. Nowadays, merino sheep can be found in many countries around the world.

Merino yarns make for fabrics, clothes and knits of high quality that are soft to touch but also very pleasant on the skin. The clothes made from this natural fibre help with temperature regulation, have great moisture-wicking properties and don’t retain odours.

Although merino yarn is considered to be delicate, fyberspates can be washed in a washing machine and even tumbled dried later at a low temperature without losing any of their features and quality. Fyberspates merino yarn products look as good as they feel on the skin. And they are natural meaning that the likelihood of them causing you some allergic or other skin reaction is minimal. People that like natural products often go for the ones made from merino because they are sustainable, offer protection and are easy to take care of.

Balls of colorful silk yarn.

Yarns Blended with Silk

Silk is known to be one of the strongest natural fibres on the market. Often, the blends with silk are being created precisely for that reason, to make the yarns/fabrics stronger. The best blends you can come across with are the ones of silk and merino wools as well as silk and Bluefaced Leicester wool (Bluefaced Leicester is another sheep breed developed in England known for its high-quality white wool).

Usually, these blends are being used for special projects and for the creation of unique garment pieces. The silk fibres make the final products more shimmery and the colour more on point. What better way to create a natural, lightweight, resilient and strong product than by using the silk wool blend? Also, pure silk is not stretchy at all, but the blend creates the perfect balance and makes for products with good elasticity. Unlike pure wool, silk and wool blends require cold hand wash separately from other clothes. You should follow the care instruction closely so that you avoid damage.

Cotton and Linen Yarns

Cotton and Linen Yarns

Cotton yarns are also part of the group of natural yarns with amazing features. Cotton yarns are being created by spinning the fibres of the cotton plant. Cotton yarns are soft, easy to work with and can easily be dyed in diverse colours. The garments made out of cotton yarn are lightweight and pleasant to wear. Cotton pulls away the heat from the body and absorbs sweat keeping you cool and dry the whole time.

Cotton is recommended even for people that have skin sensitivities and little babies. Despite being a dream to wear, cotton is also really easy to clean and maintain. You can easily machine wash cotton clothes and even tumble dry them as long as you’re cautious with the temperature you’re using.

Linen yarn on the other hand, is made out of fibres coming from the flax plant. Linen is considered to be a strong and durable fibre. For comparison, linen takes second place after silk when it comes to strength, meaning it’s even stronger than cotton. Linen yarn is mostly used for the creation of spring and summer clothes because it makes for clothes that are absorbent, cool and light.

Soft Bamboo Yarn

Soft Bamboo Yarn

Bamboo trees are the fastest-growing plants in the world. That’s what makes them the most sustainable material there is. Using bamboo yarns and knitting with them is something that’s becoming more popular with each passing day. Bamboo yarns are soft and eco-friendly. Plus, they make for clothes that have antibacterial properties, thermo-regulating properties, a nice shine and great strength. If you’re searching for clothes that are breathable, strong and offer decent UV protection, why not try and create something out of bamboo yarns? As long as you take proper care of them, bamboo clothes will last you for quite some time.


Synthetic YarnSynthetic Yarns

Synthetic yarns are those man-made, but regardless of that, they have amazing features and are largely used in the textile industry. There are a dozen different synthetic yarns, including polyester, nylon, spandex, rayon, Kevlar, acrylic, etc. Synthetic yarns are made from polymerized chemicals and some do a great job of mimicking the features of natural yarns.  In some cases, the untrained eye can’t even tell the difference.

Synthetic yarns are mostly used for the creation of outdoor clothing because synthetic fabrics offer good thermal protection, are quite elastic, don’t wrinkle and are surprisingly durable even though they’re cheaper than yarns made from natural fibres. Clothes made from synthetic yarns don’t stain as much, can be washed in a washing machine and are resilient and shrink-proof.

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