7 Crochet Scarf Patterns

Autumn is already gone and with the winter approaching, we need to gear up with something warmer. When cold hits, there is nothing better than having a warm scarf around your neck and head to keep you warm. The crochet winter scarf patterns are a great way to keep you warm and fashionable. They are thick, long and wide enough to cover your neck and keep you warm and cozy while being outside.

Great thing about crochet scarves is that they make a great gift for family and friends and can be worn by both men and women. Take a look at some of the most popular crochet winter scarf patterns.

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Crochet Winter Scarf Patterns

Bundle up and stay warm during the cold winter days with these cozy crochet scarf patterns. They are great for keeping you warm by the fire or running to the close store.

  • Crochet Scarf And Roving Hat – Men and women can both enjoy this crocheted wool scarf pattern. Choose one with bold or neutral colours that will be perfect for the upcoming winter.

  • Chunky Crochet Mittens And Scarf – This set is a must have. The thick wool scarf and mittens are ultra cozy and warm, perfect for the cold winter, as well as a gift for your friends.

  • Harvest Crochet Scarf – This incredibly beautiful harvest crochet scarf in rich colours is perfect for keeping you warm.

  • Thick Textured Scarf – Choose this thick texture scarf for warmth and coziness. This scarf is thick and large enough to keep you warm even in the coldest winter days.

  • Colourful Crochet Scarf – Be different and ass some bright colours with this stunning wool scarf. The great thing about this scarf is that its colours can suit your needs and can match almost any outfit.

  • Cupcake Scarf – The sweet cupcake crochet scarf is cozy and fun to wear scarf. It is great for kids and adults who want to feel childish.

  • Subway Scarf – The subway scarf is a perfect accessory for both men and women. Made in combination of gray and plum colour is the perfect winter must have scarf.

Both men and women will love these crochet scarf patterns. These wool scarves make great gifts for your friends and family. This winter, grab your crochet scarf and feel warm and cozy all the time.

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