5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Beanie

Now when winter is here, women hats are our saving grace. Women hats especially beanies are the essential cold weather hat, that any woman should own. Maybe strange, but beanies can be easily transformed from casual to trendy and sophisticated headwear. To achieve different looks while wearing a beanie and be stylish all the time, follow these simple five chic styles. They will certainly help you wear a beanie in a way that will emphasize your style.

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  1. The Slouch – The Slouch is an super easy way to wear a beanie. Take your beanie, place it on your head and pull it right where the hairline and forehead meet. It is a great way of wearing a hat that can be matched with casual and more official outfit.

  2. The Single Cuff – Place the hat on your head, pull it slightly right above your eyebrows and then flip it up about 1.5cm depending on how long the excess you have on top of the beanie. At the end pull it slightly and make sure it is at the middle of your forehead. The single cuff has a lot less slouch than the first one. What’s actually great about this style of beanie, is that it’s great for climbers because the fabric is close to your head, so it keeps you warm.

  3. The Fisherman – You may have not heard of this style, but its truly amazing. It is called “The Fisherman” after fisherman. What you need to do is to make a single cuff style beanie, pull it even further (cover your eyes) and make the cuff even smaller. Fold it again to create a double cuff and push it back right at the top of the forehead. Perfect for short hair and hairstyles with bangs.

  4. The Faux-Dora – Place the beanie on your head so its has to be at midway down your forehead and pick one side (whichever you want, left or right). Pull up the picked side in order to create an illusion of Robin Hood hat or a feather.

  5. The Classic – The classic style is simple to the slouch with only one difference. It is comes down a little further on the forehead and it has less slouch on the back.

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