3 Simple And Important Compressor Maintenance Tasks

Each piece of equipment requires proper level of maintenance. Taking care regularly will not just keep your equipment in great working condition but will also prolong its live span. Same applies to air compressors too. Taking care of your air compressor is important if you want to make use of your machine for the long years to come and to avoid any serious shutdown and damage, thus, keeping you self away from high expenses.


If you do not feel too much handy to deal with this task, you can always rely on your air compressor maintenance on the experienced company. These companies have a highly trained team that will provide you with regular servicing ensuring your air compressor operates reliably. They also have the knowledge to change ‘consumable’ parts like oil, filter, vee belts, etc, thus you can be total peace of mind. You will receive professional advice and information for all your air compressor parts and their life expectancy.

However, there are three simple and important maintenance tasks you can probably handle on your own. Just follow this simple guide and you will be able to perform them without an issue.

Changing the oil – You can not expect of your machine to work effectively if you do not change the oil regularly. Maybe it is not the simplest task, but you will be just fine if you follow this steps:

  • Do not drain the oil from the compressor in the first minute you turn off the machine. Make sure you let the compressor cool out for a couple of minutes. This will make removing the oil much easier. Here is another important thing. Make sure you remove the fill cap so you can let air flow in the system.
  • The next step is removing the drain plug and drain the oil. When you are done with this, replace the drain plug using an adjustable wrench.
  • The final step is filling the compressor with the right yet high-quality oil.

Removing and installing the air filter – There are different air compressor models, but for most of them changing the air filter is quite a simple task.

  • Find the filter first.
  • Then, remove the filter with your fingers or by removing the screws that keep this part to attached to the compressor.
  • Installing the filter is opposite process of the removing. Just put the filter on its place and attach the screws again.

Replacing the belt – This is another important part of the air compressor maintenance schedule. The process of changing the belt is easy as changing the filter.

  • The first step is to find out where the belt system is locked. Some compressors have a protective cage, which means you need to remove the screws so you can be able to access the belt.
  • Make a full inspection of the belt’s condition.
  • If the belt needs to be changed remove him by grabbing it firmly. There is one largest wheel on the pulley system, so you need to pull it over this wheel and rotate the pulleys at the same time. This way the belt should turn off the track.
  • The final step, place the new belt over the smallest pulley and then work it onto the biggest wheel.
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